Get To Know Me!

I’m a freelance writer, green activist, and a mother of two beautiful sons. I mostly write about home design – both interior and exterior – and environmentally-friendly ways to improve homes.


My inspiration comes from the various projects I’ve worked on, and my writing has even led to my cooperation with VIP clients in architecture, roofing, design, etc.


I’ve enjoyed writing ever since primary school – and I have Mrs. Anderson, my elementary school English teacher, to thank for that. She instilled the love for words in me, taught me how to become an effective writer, and showed me the ropes in general. Thanks, Mrs. Anderson!



Thanks Mom!

My mother was a stay-at-home mom and would take care of our house and garden. She made sure that we showed gratitude for the nature by always employing the housekeeping techniques that preserve the environment. I guess that’s where I get the love for green, sustainable, and eco-friendly housing from.

I studied at the UCLA Psychology Department in Los Angeles, CA, as I wanted to get inside readers’ heads, and during that time I also worked on many interior and exterior housing projects while parallelly keeping a blog about it. That has earned me quite a reputation in the field, and after some time I decided to completely dedicate myself to writing the blog by sharing my insights with other interested and like-minded people. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

My Hobbies


Trying to stay in shape and fit, using the city streets in my advantage, creating checkpoints and fun routes..


Freelance content writer, combining both running & bike rides to get inspiration and find a nice spot in the nature to write…

Long Bike Rides

I love to take long bike rides to keep my mind clear, getting away from the city and all the stress…